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Known Bugs

LED Response Time: We’ve heard that Boop's LED response is delayed.

Release Notes

February Release: v1.0.4

We have some exciting new updates along with bug fixes and performance optimization!


Identified with Apple
We're excited to announce that Boop is now officially registered with Apple! This means no more "unidentified developer" warnings when installing the app, ensuring a smoother and more secure experience for you. Additionally, the "malicious software" warning has been resolved.


Chrome Extension on Chrome Web Store
Boop's Chrome extension has officially joined the party on the Chrome Web Store! No more manual installation, simply visit the store to easily add Boop to your Chrome browser..


Better support for MS Teams

Boop now works with the latest versions of MS Teams, both for home and work environments. We've addressed a bug that was causing issues with Boop in the "work" version, thanks to a helpful Booper who helped identify it!


New Feature - Customize Shortcuts ✨

Introducing customizable shortcuts that work across different meeting apps and even extend beyond them. Use shortcuts to mute your mic, launch keyboard macros, or create your own unique workflows – the possibilities are limitless! Refer to this article to learn more

Mid-December Release: App and Chrome Extension improvements

Boop Connect App:

  • Improved app performance by addressing issues that caused occasional hanging and crashes.

  • Optimized the app launch time

  • Improved Boop device detection, resolving instances where Bluetooth caused detection issues.


Chrome Extension:
  • Improved the extension reliability.

  • Fixed the issue where you needed to restart the Boop Connect app when the Meet session started.

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