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That's how Boop was born

Jui's photo.jpeg

Hi! My name is Jui.

I’m a software designer by profession and my job involves collaborating with various teams and people across the globe. With the covid outbreak in 2020 came the need for me to participate in virtual meetings all day long. I always thought that having something tangible to control meetings online would make my life a lot easier. I looked in the market and couldn't find a solution for myself. So I decided to build one on my own! And that’s how Boop was born.

After a measured two years of research, design, and engineering, my team and I are now dedicated to providing solutions that make virtual meetings more comfortable and effective.

We believe that by combining ergonomics and heuristic principles with a defined understanding of the human psyche, we have and can further design products that bring efficiency, reliability and control to the table your laptop sits on.

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