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Boop Preferences

Set up Boop as per your preferences.

Install the Boop Connect app and plug in your Boop device.

  • Open the Boop Connect app

  • Click on the three dots icon in the top right corner > Click on Preferences

Adjust LED Brightness

Adjust LED Brightness

Want to adjust the brightness of your Boop LED lights?

No problem! Here's how to get the perfect glow for any situation.

  • Use the slider to adjust the button brightness as per your preference

  • Exit Preferences and start using Boop as usual.

Preferences - LED Brightness

We recommend adjusting the brightness before your meeting starts. As making changes during a meeting might cause inaccurate LED feedback and potentially lead to Boop acting up.

Get LED feedback in MS Teams

Get LED Feedback in MS Teams

Boop now supports LED lights for Microsoft Teams. It will turn lights on/off based during Teams calls.

  • Check MS Teams LED feedback

  • Exit Preferences and start using Teams


​Boop wouldn't sync the LED with UI controls, but it would provide accurate feedback if you use only Boop for Mic, Camera, and Screen, and not UI controls in the Teams app.

If you use both, LEDs may go out of sync and thus show inaccurate status.

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