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Customize Shortcuts

Boop isn't just a meeting controller; it's your personal macro keyboard for anything under the sun! Imagine silencing your mic with a tap, or triggering keyboard macros. This guide will walk you through setting up custom shortcuts and making the most of this handy device.


Install the Boop Connect app and plug in your Boop device.

  • Open the Boop Connect app and click the three dots in the top right corner. Then, choose "Customize Shortcuts."

  • Type in the keys you want each Boop button to press.

  • Click "Update" and wait for the success message. 

  • You can now close the app – it's only needed for setup.


Plug Boop into any computer, and your custom shortcuts come along! No need for the app again unless you want to change things up. 

Boop - Customize Shortcuts.png

Company laptop locked down? Customize Boop on your personal computer, then use it on your work machine. The app is just for setup, not everyday Booping.



  • Boop will only work when the window is active.

  • No led feedback.

Pre-configured Shortcuts

Boop comes pre-configured with handy shortcuts for Zoom. Just head to Zoom Settings > Keyboard Shortcuts and assign these:

  • Windows OS: 

    • Mic: Alt+A

    • Camera: Alt+V

    • Screenshare: Alt+S

  • Mac OS: 

    • Mic: Option+A

    • Camera: Option+V

    • Screenshare: Option+S

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