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Use without Boop Connect App

We understand that some of you may not be able to install the Boop Connect app due to restrictions on your company laptop. If this is the case, you can still use Boop without the app, but with some limitations:

  • LED indication: Without the app, Boop will not show LED lights to indicate when your mic, camera, or screenshare is on.

  • Meeting window: Boop will only work when the meeting window is active. If the meeting window is inactive, in the background, or minimized, Boop will not work.


We have configured Boop to work with Zoom by default.

Go to Zoom settings > Keyboard Shortcuts and assign the following shortcuts:

  • Windows OS: 

    • Mic: Alt+A

    • Camera: Alt+V

    • Screenshare: Alt+S

  • Mac OS: 

    • Mic: Option+A

    • Camera: Option+V

    • Screenshare: Option+S

Plug in your Boop. The buttons will flash once to indicate that it is properly connected. Start a meeting to test it out!

Use Boop with different meeting apps or different shortcuts

We have a feature in the backlog to configure custom shortcuts for Boop so that you can use it with any meeting app.

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