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The world’s first handy virtual meeting controller for stress-free meetings

Boop is a pocket-sized gadget that helps you control your virtual meetings, and avoid meeting bloopers.


With Boop, you can have comfortable meetings, anywhere, and attend meetings with confidence.

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Virtual meeting controller

Catherine happy using Boop at her friend's house.jpg
Boop-remote-angled-green dotted arrows.png
Feature icon - finger tactile.png

Tactile controls

Accessible buttons at your reach to make every meeting flawless

Carry anywhere

Compact to fit in your laptop sleeve pocket, or even trouser pocket

LED Indicators

With status always visible, never keep guessing if you are mute or unmute.

Sleek and modern look

We know your style, so we ensured you make a statement with Boop


Works with MacOS and Windows


Comfortable meetings, everywhere

Work from home, the park, a cafe or even some place adventurous!
Boop allows you to work comfortably, wherever you are.

Boop anywhere - park.png



Coffee shop

Boop anywhere -home or coffeeshop.png
Boop anywhere - somewhere adventurous.png

Somewhere adventurous

Compact design, easy to carry anywhere

Boop is so compact that it can easily fit in your laptop sleeve or tech kit.
Or even in your pocket!

Carry anywhere - Laptop sleeve.png
Carry anywhere - Pocket.png
Boop - top shot.png

Thorough design backed by heuristics principles

Convenience · Feedback · Consistency · Accessibility

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